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Hinges for gates can be somewhat fragile and are often the first part of a gate to deteriorate and wear out, due to the constant use they are subjected to.  It is important to keep up with properly maintaining any gates and fences you have, and most especially the moving parts like gate hinges and […]

Merriam Webster’s definition of noise is sound; especially one that lacks agreeable musical quality or is noticeably unpleasant. Do you want to create a quiet, peaceful outdoor space where you can go and decompress and relax in your favorite garden rocking chair with a good book?  Do you live in an area where noise is […]

Family privacy is important more than ever these days.  When you get home on the weekend or in the evenings, you want to be able to relax in your own home without the snooping and roving eyes of your neighbors upon you.   There is no better option for backyard privacy than to install a cedar […]

Most fences are modular, composed of individual fence panels that consist of mesh, boards or chain links held together with two or more rails.  While some do-it-yourself homeowners like to build their own panels from scratch, in most cases fencing panels are purchased as prefabricated units.  There are as many materials and styles to choose […]

There are many different types and styles of fences, and they all accomplish different things.  While some are built to enhance the looks of a property, others are built to determine property lines and boundaries or to provide a measure of privacy.  Fences can even be used to promote the growth of vegetation.  Some fences […]

Whether you have an inground pool or an above ground swimming pool, installing a pool fence is important for safety reasons. In some cases, in order to get a permit from your township or local municipality so that you can install the pool, you are required to install pool fencing. But, even if the installation […]