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British writer and essayist William Hazlitt once observed, “I can enjoy society in a room; but out of doors, nature is company enough for me.” Whether you dream of a private sanctuary or long for a hearth where the whole family can gather, an outdoor room can serve both purposes. In recent years, outdoor rooms […]

If you own a fire pit, then you may be interested in also buying a fire pit grate. Some fire pits come with a fire pit grate already included as part of the package, but if not, you may want to consider adding your own fire pit grate to the bottom (or top!) of your […]

There’s nothing like sitting around an outdoor fire pit in your backyard on a cool spring or summer night – and by adding some fire pit glass to the fire, you can transform your fire pit into something spectacular that does more than simply provide heat on a cool evening. Fire pit glass is specially […]

As the weather begins to cool, there’s nothing like the warmth of an outdoor propane fireplace to keep you warm, while allowing you the opportunity to remain outside, enjoying the fresh, brisk air.  An outdoor propane fireplace is one option that homeowners have for outdoor use, in addition to wood burning or natural gas fireplaces […]

More and more people these days are making use of their fireplaces, partially as a way to help cut their ever rising energy bills and partially because a nice roaring fire on a cold winter’s evening is just that – really nice and comfortable.  Aside from the great reasons to use an indoor fireplace, using […]

It is true that for centuries, mankind has called the fireplace a home.  Nowadays, folks just love the warmth and the ambiance that the hearth gives, and they often want to bring it outside their homes.  There’s a plethora of ready-made outdoor fire pit designs available today for purchase, but building your own brings more […]

Sometimes when people are getting ready to sell their homes, they forget about a very important area that needs to be addressed.  Your yard and outdoor gathering places can make a big difference in how your home appears to a prospective buyer and may even add value to the selling price.  One thing that you […]

Once the decision to install an outdoor fireplace has been made, the first question is always whether it should be a portable model or a built-in one.  Naturally, built-in fireplaces require a significantly larger investment, but on the other hand, they offer far more freedom in choosing between different styles and designs.  If you decide […]

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you should abandon your front or back yard and head indoors.  If you have invested time and money into making your outdoor space an enjoyable place to be, it should be used whenever possible.  If nighttime is a little too chilly, dark or even spooky for you, […]

Is the look of your home in a rut?  Are you tired of the floral water sculpture in your backyard that’s gone dull with time?  Many landscaping and interior home designs just don’t offer the originality, edge, or modern look that lots of homeowners out there are looking for these days. If you are looking […]

When it comes to fireplaces, many people wonder whether there is a big difference between indoor fireplaces and outdoor fireplaces.  For the most part, there is not much of a difference between the two, except that when you are installing an indoor fireplace, you have many more options to consider than you do for an […]

If you have a traditional outdoor fire pit, you probably enjoy all of the positive aspects of having an outdoor fire – things like the warmth it brings on a cool night and how nice it is to toast marshmallows around it.  If you are anything like me, you appreciate those things but find it […]

Pools, spas, hot tubs and outdoor kitchens provide a sense of personal luxury, and upgraded landscaping and gorgeous gardens are more popular than ever… Imagine a dining room far from the kitchen heat, a reading nook with natural light, a place to restore positive energy, a room with bragging rights.  All of this could be […]

Spring is just around the corner, which means many of us are preparing to spend more time outside.  It’s time to start thinking about landscaping and gardening projects – things we can do to enhance our outdoor living space so we can enjoy spending lots of time in our own yard. One of the most […]

Travertine is a beautiful and natural stone that is often used indoors on floors, backsplashes and even walls in the bathroom and kitchen.  Travertine tiles can also be used outdoors on patios, outdoor kitchens, stone fireplaces, walkways, inground pool surrounds and as exterior home siding, and they provide a natural feel to any space.  Using […]

If you have an outdoor fireplace, then one of the essential accessories you need is a fireplace grate.  Fireplace grates come in various styles and materials and choosing one will depend in part on what size and shape your fireplace is and how long you are planning on using your fireplace grate before replacing it.  […]

If you own a wood-burning fireplace or fire pit, then you will need to store wood to burn in the fireplace all winter long, or even all year round if you use the fireplace throughout all seasons (which is often done with outdoor fireplaces and firepits).   An outdoor log rack is the perfect way to […]

There are many uses for concrete blocks.  Concrete block construction can include anything from retaining walls and patios to outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, swimming pools, buildings and homes, and more.  Depending on what type of project you are looking to complete, there are different types of concrete blocks available for use. Concrete blocks can be used […]

There’s nothing quite like a fireplace to curl up next to on a cool night.  Fireplaces not only add warmth in a literal sense, but they also lend warmth and charm to a space.  This is especially true of outdoor spaces.  Adding an outdoor stone fireplace in your backyard or garden is a luxury you […]