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Most people start their garden in the middle of spring and harvest their produce by August. Many gardeners don’t realize that they can grow many vegetables in the fall. In fact, a lot of plants actually grow better in cool weather. Here are some that you may want to try if you are starting a […]

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What’s a garden got to give, you ask? Let’s see.  Sun and shade; flowers and greenery; a place to sit and chat; much needed outdoor respite from the confines of your home; a place for kids to play outdoors; and unlimited joy along with a sense of pride. Can you beat that? Probably not! That’s […]

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Looking for a way to spruce up the outside of your home this year without spending a fortune?  There are a number of outdoor home repair and remodeling projects that you can tackle on your own that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but will make a big difference in the way your […]

If you live near the ocean or love to frequent the beach, you will find that it can be a very resourceful place when seeking items for garden décor or practical garden use. On the one hand, the ocean contains an abundance of organic materials and minerals which occur naturally. On the other hand, it […]

Although less popular than other types of landscape lighting, line voltage landscape lighting is one option that residential homeowners may want to consider.  Line voltage landscape lighting is more often used by commercial properties, since line voltage landscape lights can be very bright, increasing the light’s impact and enhancing security. What is line voltage landscape […]

A gardener is, in a some ways, like an athlete. Like sports, gardening often requires the mergence of the spirit, mind and body to make progress, to perform and to succeed. Just like hitting a homerun in baseball, throwing a winning touchdown pass or playing scratch golf, gardening is not the easiest of tasks. However, when […]

If you are looking for a way to add that extra something to your garden decor, think about choosing from among the variety of interesting garden clocks available on the market or add an attractive garden thermometer.  These items serve a functional purpose, but can also be a great way to create a focal point […]

Want to make your garden look dramatic?  Want to illuminate the great landscape surrounding your Koi pond or other outdoor water feature?  Landscape lighting and other types of outdoor lighting provides an easy and inexpensive solution to adding a touch of glam and a hint of magic to any landscape, be it your garden, front […]

Your garden decor is just as important to the overall look of your home as your interior decor.  Whether your garden is small, medium sized, or large, you can make it look beautiful and can turn your front yard, backyard or garden into a pleasant place to spend time in.  While it may take a […]

Many people don’t consider all of the options available for tropical pool landscaping.  There are a variety of plants that can survive outdoors with proper care, as well as outdoor decor and accessories with a tropical theme,  that can find their place in most regions of the United States.   These features can fit right in […]

Trellises are a great way to add interest and beauty to your backyard and garden.  And choosing a trellis made of metal is a great idea due to its durability and many design options.  But, how do you make sure that you buy the right type of metal trellis for your garden? It is important […]

Are you tired of seeing the same old garden pots used in every single garden in your neighborhood?  Well, if so, you are not alone.  After all, who wants to be just like everybody else and have the same thing as the people next door in their front yard, backyard or garden?  If you are […]

The backyard and garden of your home can sometimes be quite a simple place.  The space can be barren and drab or, with a few additions, it can be a place of beauty, relaxation and tranquility.  It’s worth adding a few accessories to your garden area so that you can brighten it up, add interest, […]

Outdoor garden lighting tends to be something that people often overlook when it comes to gardening and designing their garden decor, but without some well placed garden lighting, homeowners cannot thoroughly enjoy their garden the way it should be enjoyed.  Most people do not initially realize that lighting outdoors would make their garden better, or […]

Solar garden lights can help you turn your ho-hum garden into the talk of the neighborhood.  If you are looking to build a great flower garden (or even a vegetable garden that has some aesthetic appeal), then you will probably want to build it yourself so you can get the feeling of satisfaction from a […]

Decorating your yard has never been as easy or as fun as it can be with the addition of garden art and accessories.  Garden or yard art can really spruce up your outdoor space in no time.  So many people forget this area of their home when decorating, but it can be so simple to […]

Garden lights are an elegant way to illuminate your garden and other outdoor areas.  Lights can serve many different purposes and are available in a variety of styles.  There are so many different types of lighting to choose from, so you should have no problem finding just the right combination of outside lights to get […]

Outdoor solar lights are a classy, creative and most of all, energy-saving means of providing light to dark outdoor areas.  Such devices eliminate the need for additional wiring, and there is no worry about constantly replacing batteries.  There are so many options using this technology, that a solar lighting model or style can be found […]

Solar lighting is an excellent way to save money and to create an attractive display of light for your outdoor areas.  Solar lights are ideal around gardens and covered patio spaces, as well as other exterior locations, coming in a wide variety of designs and sizes that are sure to find a use no matter […]

If you look online, it is likely that you will find a rattan garden furniture sale quite easily – you can even often find sales in stores.  There is no doubt that rattan garden furniture is now very popular, and with so much interest and so many types of rattan furniture available for outdoor use, […]