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Most people start their garden in the middle of spring and harvest their produce by August. Many gardeners don’t realize that they can grow many vegetables in the fall. In fact, a lot of plants actually grow better in cool weather. Here are some that you may want to try if you are starting a […]

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If you would like to try your hand at gardening for the first time, or you are struggling with a physical disability which keeps you out of the garden, square foot gardening could be the solution for you. Versatile, efficient and low maintenance, this fascinating and enjoyable method is as successful in an arid desert […]

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Black mulch can be a great way to improve the look of your garden, as well as to improve the health of your flowers, shrubs and plants. Black dyed mulch is actually regular mulch that is dyed to a black color using mulch dye that is safe for plants and the environment. You can buy […]

Bark chippings are a great way to improve the quality of your garden and protect your flowers, plants and shrubs. Also known as chipped bark mulch, bark chippings are essentially small bits of tree bark and other organic matter that are ground up for use in garden beds. By spreading a layer of bark chippings […]

Outdoor sinks can provide a good deal of functionality in your backyard or garden.  From outdoor garden sinks that can keep you and your tools clean when tinkering in your garden to outdoor kitchen sinks that can make food prep in your outdoor kitchen as easy as can be, you will find that installing an […]

A garden tool rack is the perfect storage accessory to store all of your garden tools.  This is a useful storage solution if you are an avid gardener, or even if you are just a homeowner with a small piece of property to take care of, since either way you inevitably have at least a […]

Rotovators are excellent tools for people looking to create beautiful, enduring gardens. They are a form of motorised cultivator which churns up soil using tines. This serves to aerate the soil and create a smooth bed that is perfect for planting. If you are looking to create a new garden or lay down a bed […]

A gardener is, in a some ways, like an athlete. Like sports, gardening often requires the mergence of the spirit, mind and body to make progress, to perform and to succeed. Just like hitting a homerun in baseball, throwing a winning touchdown pass or playing scratch golf, gardening is not the easiest of tasks. However, when […]

A beautiful backyard and garden takes time and great effort to cultivate and most of that effort is spent on weed control. Weeds are unwanted plants that grow in your garden. They are like pests, overcrowding other plants and taking away nutrients, water and light. The simplest method to kill these harmful plants is by […]

If you love to garden, then buying a potting bench is a “luxury” you shouldn’t avoid. Potting benches provide the space you need to enjoy your hobby and typically offer appropriate storage space as well as comfortable work space areas. So, if you are looking to buy a potting bench, what are some of your […]

More and more of us these days want to take a more organic approach to gardening.  It may be an altruistic vision of wanting to help the planet, or merely a way to keep our pets and family a little safer at home.  Either way, dealing with pests can be quite problematic and being able […]

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Portable greenhouses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they can be built with many different materials.  Before you select what kind of portable greenhouse you want to build for yourself or buy, you may want to consider the pros and cons of your available options.  Below we discuss some of the different […]

If you want to start gardening, but are afraid of killing some pretty flowers or plants, then you might want to consider dipping your fingers into herb gardening!  It doesn’t matter if you have green thumbs or not, because maintaining an herb garden is fairly simple.  And, it is worth trying it out as a […]

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Nowadays, exotic flowers are extremely hard to come by, but they are surely a great addition to any flower arrangement if you want to add some unique style.  Most exotic flowers come from Hawaii or any of the hundreds of Pacific islands.  The most common exotic flowers that florists and customers seek are Orchids, Yellow […]

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Having a greenhouse in your garden enables you to grow your own plants and vegetables all year round.  As well as providing function, they can also enhance the look of your garden, with exciting styles and designs (although they can detract from the look as well, depending on the type of greenhouse you buy).  Before […]

Organic gardening is not so different from the type of gardening you’re probably used to.  You still have to care for and water your organic garden regularly, much the same way you would your usual garden.  The major considerations involve the use of natural fertilizer, organically originated seeds, and organic pest control. First off, you’re […]

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Once again this year, I waited until it was almost too late to start an herb garden.  I’ve always wanted one, but between my regular square foot garden and other things like the Crappie spawn and Turkey season, I just didn’t get around to it.  Then I remembered reading an article years ago in a […]

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T5 lights are great for helping your plants to grow.  T5 lights are a type of fluorescent lighting, with the T indicating that they are tube style lights and the 5 indicating that the tubes are 5/8 of an inch in diameter and there are numerous types of T5 grow lights and grow light systems […]

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Although many homeowners may not be growing corn in their own backyards (but you’d be surprised at how many do), and may therefore not need to know how to protect corn in particular against the growth of weeds, you can follow the advice included in this article to protect most any type of vegetable or […]

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Bonsai is said to have first appeared in China some thousands of years ago on a very basic scale.  It was then known as pun-sai and it was the practice of growing a single specimen of tree in pots.  During those days, the specimens showed very little leaves, and rugged and gnarled trunks that most […]

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