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In the broadest sense, wooden materials generally fall into two categories: softwoods and hardwoods. The difference comes down to density. Hardwoods, like mahogany, teak and oak, are generally denser than softwoods.  This is why wooden outdoor furniture, external doors and home decking tend to be made from harder woods. They’re stronger and more resistant to […]

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There’s nothing like having a sunroom.  Surrounded by glass and bright sun, you can sit in your sunroom and view your property and landscape while avoiding the outside elements. Stay warm during a snowstorm, and remain cool during a heat wave. Watch the leaves change color in the fall, and watch flowers bloom in the […]

Looking for a way to spruce up the outside of your home this year without spending a fortune?  There are a number of outdoor home repair and remodeling projects that you can tackle on your own that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but will make a big difference in the way your […]

There’s nothing like the look of a set of French doors, whether they are used as a passageway in and out of your home or are used in places such as a sunroom or conservatory, providing a glimpse to the outdoors from the comfort of inside. No matter where you install French doors, you will […]

If your patio screen door has seen better days, it may be time to repair or replace it.  Whether the problem with your patio screen door is due to a loose or ripped screen, a faulty roller or two, or a stiff or warped track, patio screen door replacement can be an inexpensive way to […]

The old adage “good things come in small packages” is very apt when speaking of protecting your home from damages. Minor details, often overlooked, are usually the ones that provide the greatest payoff in the future. This is certainly the case with gutters. A guttering system includes the trough-like attachments found on the edge of […]

There are many profiles of door frames for use on entrance doors or internal doors currently available on the market today, but many consumers are confused as to what is needed for their home and their particular door style and application.  A professional builder can inform the homeowner as to the choices that would fit […]

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If you are tired of ugly downspouts and would like a more attractive alternative, have you thought about using rain chain downspouts instead?  They are easy to install and look much more attractive than plastic spouting. Rain chains have been used in Japan for many years where very large, decorative examples can be seen in […]

The beauty of asking experts their opinion on a topic is that they have some great tips to give.  So, when we wanted to know more about conservatory roofs, we decided to ask some home improvement experts for their opinion as to what makes a good conservatory roof. All of these enthusiasts were agreed that […]

Chinking is very important when you are building a log cabin or log home.  It seals the spaces between the logs to keep exterior air out and interior air in.  It also keeps bugs and moisture from getting in your home.  Chinking is a material that goes between the logs as you put them together […]

Chinking is a necessity for any and all log cabins.  It is a material placed between the logs of your log home that protects your home from insects, moisture and air from getting into the interior of  the home.  It also works as an additional layer of insulation, providing additional warmth in the colder winter […]

In the world of timber frame homes, there are two main varieties: the lighter timber frame home and heavy timber frame homes.  Before getting into the differences between the two, let’s first look at where timber framing originated. Timber framing is an ancient art that originated mainly in Europe.  It can be seen on some […]

Chinking refers to the process of filling in the gaps that exist between logs in a log home, as a protective measure to prevent wind, rain and other elements from accessing the interior of the cabin.  If you own a log home or log cabin, then this is a process that you will want to […]

Are you considering installing a new oak front door?  If so, some basic knowledge of hardwood doors may be helpful to you when making your final purchase.  Oak is a durable hardwood that will provide years of lasting beauty and durability.  Unlike softwoods like pine or aspen, oak resists dings and scratches and holds up […]

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You know that first impressions are everything.  This is especially true when you are trying to sell your home.  Every realtor will tell you that in order to more easily sell your home, you should have your home staged with good looking furniture and should have the yard looking great, but there are also some […]

Although this site is usually dedicated to backyards and gardens, we figured that every backyard and garden has a house attached to it, and therefore can benefit from the information included in this article!  Because you probably own a home, we wanted to make sure that you don’t miss out on the home improvements that […]

When it’s time to paint your home, you may want to save money and paint it yourself.  However, the problem is that most people do not have the know-how to paint a house, especially when it comes to exterior painting rather than interior painting, so it is beneficial to hire professional house painters for a […]

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Log siding is a product manufactured for the exterior, as well as the interior, of a home or building.  It can be made out of many species of lumber and you can finish log siding in many different ways.  Made to look like an authentic log home, it is a great choice in a wooded […]

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When compared to working with wood, maintaining vinyl house shutters is an absolute breeze, but it’s still a considerable amount of work on a large house.  Luckily, it only has to be done once every year or two!  In this post, I want to show you some of the basics of vinyl shutter maintenance and […]

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One of the most common choices for decorating the exteriors of homes in the US is exterior shutters.  These shutters are so common that they are seen on nearly every home in most neighborhoods, and many people assume that homes they are thinking about purchasing will have them.  But when it comes to choosing the […]

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