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If you’ve decided that you’re ready to hire a yard service contractor to take care of your yard and the outdoor tasks that otherwise take up too much of your hard-earned leisure time, the first thing you need to do is know how to find a reputable yard service company to get the job done […]

When it comes to making grass grow, homeowners may wonder what the best way to a healthy, quick lawn is.  The key to getting a quick lawn of grass that looks good and continues to grown lush and healthy is a much debated topic – and answers to the question of “what’s a quick way […]

A lawn scarifier is a piece of lawn and garden equipment designed to remove thatch, moss and other debris from a lawn.  While most people haven’t heard of a lawn scarifier in the U.S., lawn scarifiers are better known in other parts of the world, such as the UK.  Lawn scarifiers operate in a similar […]

Rotovators are excellent tools for people looking to create beautiful, enduring gardens. They are a form of motorised cultivator which churns up soil using tines. This serves to aerate the soil and create a smooth bed that is perfect for planting. If you are looking to create a new garden or lay down a bed […]

A leaf sweeper is one of the best pieces of garden equipment you can invest in to help achieve a beautiful lawn. It keeps your yard from getting buried under last season’s fallen debris or summer’s grass trimmings. Keeping your lawn’s appearance manicured and professionally maintained is effortless with the help of leaf sweepers. The […]

A beautiful backyard and garden takes time and great effort to cultivate and most of that effort is spent on weed control. Weeds are unwanted plants that grow in your garden. They are like pests, overcrowding other plants and taking away nutrients, water and light. The simplest method to kill these harmful plants is by […]

Do you want the landscaping in the front and back of your home to look as if you have put an immense amount of effort into it, without actually having to do much work?  This is completely understandable, as being able to have an awesome landscape without having to put so much time and effort […]

Regularly using a dethatching rake to remove excessive thatch build-up will keep your lawn green and healthy. Thatch is a collection of lawn debris, like fallen leaves, moss and grass clippings, that collect together as they decompose in the grass.  Some thatch is good for the lawn, but too much creates a barrier that can […]

Cutworms are one of the main problematic white grubs for lawns in North America, especially in the Pacific Northwest.  They infest the thatch layer directly on top of the soil and consume any grass they can get to from there.  A cutworm problem can grow in severity until the grass begins to die, from the […]

As spring turns into summer, homeowners the world over are pulling their lawnmowers out of the garage or shed.  If you are like most people, you just park your ride on lawnmower late in the fall and don’t think about it until you need it again in the spring.  While this works out fine for […]

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If you happen to be in the commercial lawn care or landscaping business, there are a few tools that will be absolutely necessary for you to own.  There are also those tools that will not be completely necessary.  However, they are the kind of tools that will make your job a great deal easier and […]

A vacuum cleaner is an indispensable device for cleaning the home.  Modern technology has led to the manufacture of sleek and handy vacuums for regular use for interior home cleaning, keeping carpets and other types of floors free from dirt with relatively minimal effort.  Leaf vacuums are a new revolution that can now help homeowners […]

If you are looking for the perfect groundcover for a garden or other landscaped area, mondo grass may be just the answer.  Mondo grass is an easy-to-maintain turf that remains green all-year long and never needs to be mowed.  The secret behind this grass is that it is not really a grass at all, but […]

As spring approaches, it is time to pull out the gardening tools, hoses and sprinklers.  The race is on to see who will end up with the ultimate landscape by summer.  People want to see color as they walk through their neighborhoods after hibernating through a cold winter and rich, lush lawns.  Foliage from bulbs […]

Aerators for lawns work in slightly different ways, but each kind improves the lawn by creating holes in the soil that allow roots to grow deeper and stronger with better nutrient and water flow through the dirt.  A coring aerator for lawns does the best job since it removes dirt from the ground in the […]

As a homeowner, you are required (or at least expected) to keep your lawn neat, trim and similar to the other homes in your neighborhood.  Unless you are paying someone else to do this, a lawn mower is an essential piece of equipment.  That being said, there are many options to consider when choosing a […]

Planting grass seed is an easy, yet time intensive task.  There are only a few steps one must take, but each of these needs to be followed to ensure that you get a beautiful, full and green lawn. We will break down how to plant grass seed into the following steps: purchasing the seed for […]

One may think that a leaf sweeper is an unnecessary addition to your collection of tools, which in turn adds to the unnecessary clutter in your shed or garage, but if you are able to find a home for this ingenious device, it is well worth investing in one.  It doesn’t have to clutter your […]

While a lawn sweeper is not something that every homeowner needs to own, having a lawn sweeper makes easy work out of clearing the lawn of leaves and other debris.  Lawn sweepers are somewhat of a luxury because they are not used on a constant basis, but if you have a lawn that is covered […]

A lawn roller may not be a staple item found in most homeowner’s tool or garden sheds, but lawn rollers can be an effective way to keep your lawn looking its best and add to the look of your garden decor.  A lawn roller works by smoothing out the surface of your lawn so that […]