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With spring in the air, everyone is preparing their outdoor space for the coming warm weather. It’s the time to prepare the backyard and decorate your outdoor living space, getting it ready for a season of relaxation and enjoyment. Along with the usual outdoor accessories, this year why not add something new that will sure […]

Part of giving a space a homey feel is selecting the right furniture for outdoor living. Being able to take in fresh air while enjoying juicy grilled food makes for a more complete household, as does being able to relax outside with friends and family, or just simply a good book.  Both family and guests […]

Cheap shower enclosures make it easy for you to install an outdoor shower without breaking the bank. Unlike your indoor shower, you do not need a fancy shower enclosure to spruce up an outdoor shower, so cheap shower enclosures can be easily used and can offer the functionality you need at a price you like. […]

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Outdoor carpet tiles have many uses around the exterior of your home, and can be equally at home in some indoor spaces as well. Outdoor carpet tiles can be installed anywhere from around a pool deck or on a covered patio to within a garage or outdoor gazebo. You can also install outdoor carpet tiles […]

Adirondack chair covers are sized specifically to fit the unique dimensions of Adirondack chairs. Therefore, it is not recommended that Adirondack chair covers be used to cover other types of outdoor chairs because they will not fit properly nor is it recommended that you use other types of outdoor furniture covers to protect Adirondack chairs. […]

When it comes to garden hose storage, you have a number of different options.  Why is garden hose storage something homeowners should even think about?  There are a number of reasons.  For one, you want to make sure that your garden hose remains in good shape and is free from kinks and bends when you […]

If you own a hammock, then you may already realize that there are certain hammock accessories that can enhance the enjoyment of your hammock.  Hammock accessories can be anything from a comfy, cozy pillow on which to rest your head to the means to hang your hammock from just about any location you want with […]

A wrought iron candelabra can add interest, ambiance and intimacy to almost any space, and can be an especially interesting addition to your outdoor décor.  Wrought iron candelabras can be used in many places around your backyard and garden and can be the perfect accent that really makes your outdoor space sparkle when the sun […]

If you are looking for a way to add that extra something to your garden decor, think about choosing from among the variety of interesting garden clocks available on the market or add an attractive garden thermometer.  These items serve a functional purpose, but can also be a great way to create a focal point […]

If you love to garden, then buying a potting bench is a “luxury” you shouldn’t avoid. Potting benches provide the space you need to enjoy your hobby and typically offer appropriate storage space as well as comfortable work space areas. So, if you are looking to buy a potting bench, what are some of your […]

Portable greenhouses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they can be built with many different materials.  Before you select what kind of portable greenhouse you want to build for yourself or buy, you may want to consider the pros and cons of your available options.  Below we discuss some of the different […]

Your garden decor is just as important to the overall look of your home as your interior decor.  Whether your garden is small, medium sized, or large, you can make it look beautiful and can turn your front yard, backyard or garden into a pleasant place to spend time in.  While it may take a […]

Studies show that the average person spends greater than 90% of their time indoors.  There are also studies that show that being around nature and being outdoors can affect our health for the better, so finding reasons to spend more time outside can be good for us.  Having an outdoor activity or an inviting outdoor […]

A portable hammock is the perfect thing to bring along when going on holidays or doing almost any outdoor activity.  As the name implies, it is handy, easy to transport, and can be conveniently packed.  There are several types of portable hammocks available to purchase, and deciding which one to choose will depend on a […]

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Many of us are proud homeowners.  We take pride in having a well kept house and garden, and love to spend time updating the look of our home, both inside and out.  We may spend hours using deck design software to plan the perfect deck or spend weekend upon weekend tending to our vegetable gardens […]

Trellises are a great way to add interest and beauty to your backyard and garden.  And choosing a trellis made of metal is a great idea due to its durability and many design options.  But, how do you make sure that you buy the right type of metal trellis for your garden? It is important […]

Having a greenhouse in your garden enables you to grow your own plants and vegetables all year round.  As well as providing function, they can also enhance the look of your garden, with exciting styles and designs (although they can detract from the look as well, depending on the type of greenhouse you buy).  Before […]

With the wide variety of patio furniture options available today, you’d almost be crazy not to have some sort of patio chair or lounger out on your patio space.  What kind you choose is completely up to you and your particular lifestyle or entertaining needs.  One thing is for certain, though – you’ve got to […]

Are you tired of seeing the same old garden pots used in every single garden in your neighborhood?  Well, if so, you are not alone.  After all, who wants to be just like everybody else and have the same thing as the people next door in their front yard, backyard or garden?  If you are […]

For those who have some type of outdoor patio furniture, they most likely also have some type of patio chair cushions.  These seat cushions provide extra padding and comfort while sitting on the often hard surface of patio furniture.  Some types of chairs made for outdoor use may be constructed of wood or molded plastic, […]