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Many of the garden decor options available at big-box stores fit the same design aesthetic – a lot of wrought iron, brick, painted wood and bright florals. An outdoor space for your home should really be an extension of your indoor living space, and if your indoor design tastes don’t match the limited items available at […]

Part of giving a space a homey feel is selecting the right furniture for outdoor living. Being able to take in fresh air while enjoying juicy grilled food makes for a more complete household, as does being able to relax outside with friends and family, or just simply a good book.  Both family and guests […]

A round glass dining table can be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. One reason that round glass dining tables work so well outside is that they provide the perfect means for entertaining without having the table take up too much visual space. What this means is that rather than letting the table itself […]

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Adirondack chair covers are sized specifically to fit the unique dimensions of Adirondack chairs. Therefore, it is not recommended that Adirondack chair covers be used to cover other types of outdoor chairs because they will not fit properly nor is it recommended that you use other types of outdoor furniture covers to protect Adirondack chairs. […]

If you are in the market for some new or replacement patio furniture this spring or summer, you may want to consider looking at Home Depot. Home Depot patio furniture is available in a wide variety of types, styles and brands. You can find Home Depot patio furniture to suit just about any design taste, […]

If you are someone that likes to constantly be on the go, then a portable picnic table should be part of your traveling and entertaining arsenal.  There are so many uses for a portable picnic table – from camping trips and tailgating parties, to picnics on the beach or parties in the park.  By owning […]

If decorating your patio is on your list of things to do this spring, then Martha Stewart patio furniture may be something worth considering.  Martha Stewart patio furniture is sold exclusively at Home Depot and is sold under the brand name Martha Stewart LivingTM patio furniture.  The Martha Stewart patio furniture line offers a number […]

If you’re looking to up the “wow factor” of your outdoor décor, you may want to consider Macys furniture.   Long known for their wide variety of indoor furniture, Macys furniture can also be the perfect accompaniment to make your outdoor spaces more decorative as well as functional.  Macys furniture offers outdoor dining furniture, outdoor seating […]

If you are in the market for a replacement swing canopy, you may be wondering just what you need to look for before you make your purchase. Why would you even consider buying a replacement swing canopy in the first place? Replacement swing canopies are worth purchasing when you own an outdoor swing that is […]

Sunroom furniture comes in many forms, although most often homeowners opt to buy wicker sunroom furniture or rattan sunroom furniture, since it is not only comfortable and durable, but it also fits the general  look and design style of what people envision a sunroom should look like.  However, the nice thing about indoor sunroom furniture, […]

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During the summer time, or just about any other time during the year, we all like to kick back and relax for a bit at the end of a hard day.  One great way to relax outdoors is by setting up a double hammock in your backyard or garden and swinging in the breeze, either […]

There are few experiences that can compare to time spent enjoying a peaceful and relaxing evening in a wicker rocker or swing in the comfort of your own porch or in your backyard, especially after a hard day’s work. This perfect piece of furniture completes a tranquil atmosphere and helps to soothe away the aches […]

Wrought iron furniture is the best choice to add elegance and class to any outdoor setting, with its stylish curves and ornate designs. It is a perfect accent piece that complements any backyard and garden décor. The existence of wrought iron furniture dates back to the Roman Empire. Its popularity in Great Britain was first […]

Perhaps you already have a treasured wooden rocking chair that was handed down to you from your grandparents, or maybe you just purchased a brand new rocking chair that you can’t wait to start spending time in.  Either way, caring for your favorite outdoor rocking chair takes a little bit of maintenance and some knowledge […]

These days, bar stools can be seen not only in home bars, but also in kitchens, dining rooms, and even patios.  The addition of bar stools on the patio, or even near a pool or garden area, adds to the casual atmosphere of your outdoor space and makes the space look more inviting, since there […]

If you think your backyard or garden area looks a bit boring and much too plain, perhaps it is time that you give it a makeover by updating your outdoor wicker furniture, if you already have some, or updating any type of outdoor furniture for that matter.  A makeover does not mean that you have […]

If you have redwood outdoor furniture, sooner or later you’re going to have to make a decision about whether to do a diy home repair project or replace a damaged or broken piece.  There are several factors you must take into consideration before you make that call.  Redwood is a very beautiful and durable wood, […]

Some people like to buy by brand names.  The reason they do this is because they know the company’s reputation for quality and/or service.  In today’s society, however, it is sometimes difficult to find certain products by brands because there are so many products available that the brands seem to disappear.  Such is the case […]

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With the wide variety of patio furniture options available today, you’d almost be crazy not to have some sort of patio chair or lounger out on your patio space.  What kind you choose is completely up to you and your particular lifestyle or entertaining needs.  One thing is for certain, though – you’ve got to […]

For those who have some type of outdoor patio furniture, they most likely also have some type of patio chair cushions.  These seat cushions provide extra padding and comfort while sitting on the often hard surface of patio furniture.  Some types of chairs made for outdoor use may be constructed of wood or molded plastic, […]