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Solar light posts are a great way to light up areas around the exterior of your home without having to tap into the electrical grid. As with other types of outdoor solar lighting, solar light posts use the power of the sun to keep the lights burning bright all night long. You can install outdoor […]

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If you’re looking for style and quality for your outdoor lighting choices, as well as affordability, then consider Hampton Bay Outdoor Lighting. There are numerous Hampton Bay outdoor lighting collections to choose from, providing homeowners with the opportunity to choose lighting in styles that match the overall style of their home and that blend in […]

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One drawback to outside lighting is that the light fixture covers tend to get dirty over time. This happens simply from being subjected to the elements of the weather day after day, as well as dirt and debris that is constantly in the air. The problem is that when light fixture covers get dirty, they […]

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When it comes to lighting up your home at night, almost nothing is as easy to do as installing solar walkway lights around the walkways and paths outside your home.  Not only are solar walkway lights easy to install, but they can add an inviting glow to your outdoor décor, while also increasing the safety […]

Although less popular than other types of landscape lighting, line voltage landscape lighting is one option that residential homeowners may want to consider.  Line voltage landscape lighting is more often used by commercial properties, since line voltage landscape lights can be very bright, increasing the light’s impact and enhancing security. What is line voltage landscape […]

One way to make your home safer while also increasing its aesthetic appeal is to install outdoor walkway lighting.  Installing outdoor walkway lighting is relatively easy to do and the options available for outdoor walkway lights can suit any style of home and come in virtually any type of lighting source. If you’re looking to […]

When it comes to outdoor lighting, almost nothing can evoke the charm and elegance of bronze light fixtures.  Outdoor bronze light fixtures come in many different styles and designs, giving homeowners a myriad of choices for lighting use.  One of the reasons why bronze light fixtures make such a grand impression when used outdoors is […]

Technology moves along ever faster, and that means continual improvement for eco friendly solar panels and LED light bulbs, both of which are key components to all exterior solar lighting.  It has gotten to the point where a high quality solar light fixture using an energy-sipping LED light bulb can last for eight or more […]

Are you thinking about selling your house soon and you want to add to its curb appeal?  Or are you simply looking for a way to liven up your outdoor surroundings a bit?  Are you trying to focus the attention of potential buyers or passersby on the architectural lines of your home or show that […]

Want to make your garden look dramatic?  Want to illuminate the great landscape surrounding your Koi pond or other outdoor water feature?  Landscape lighting and other types of outdoor lighting provides an easy and inexpensive solution to adding a touch of glam and a hint of magic to any landscape, be it your garden, front […]

If you are looking for answers to the question “why would you want to buy solar lights?”, then there are plenty of places where you can look to find out about some in-depth benefits that these lights offer.  There are many reasons to choose solar lights for your home.  For instance, the cost, the environment, […]

Someone said once that “a house is built with wood and beams and a home is built with love and dreams”.  For those who love to dream out of doors, a covered deck or patio is a great addition that can truly make your house a home.  Gazebos and porches also accent a home and […]

Your garden decor is just as important to the overall look of your home as your interior decor.  Whether your garden is small, medium sized, or large, you can make it look beautiful and can turn your front yard, backyard or garden into a pleasant place to spend time in.  While it may take a […]

There are many ways to add light to outdoor living areas, and most especially to areas like a deck.  The current trend toward energy efficient solar deck lighting adds an additional choice to meet the needs of discerning consumers, on top of the many deck lighting options that already exist on the market.  There are […]

Solar lights are a relatively new, and fairly simple technology.  They contain a small battery, charged by a solar panel, that powers a light bulb, and they typically have a light sensor that switches them on after sunset.  While they come in all shapes and sizes, most still tend to be a bit underpowered and […]

Sometimes the backyard can get a little boring, so you begin to think of ways to spice up the surroundings.  While it may be tempting to build a deck, add a pergola or gazebo, or create a beautiful garden pond, these additions can be expensive and are not always a feasible option to add interest […]

Driveway lights are an excellent way of lighting up your property and making it easier to navigate up and down your driveway so you don’t run into any unwanted objects.  Adding lights can also help to make your driveway much more decorative, especially if you put the lights in the right places.  Installing driveway lighting […]

How much energy do you figure you use on a yearly basis?  What considerations do you make with respect to energy (electricity) consumption in and around your home?  How much do you really understand about the creation of electricity and what happens when you continue to use it?  What kind of efforts are you making […]

If you love to grill, then you probably realize the importance of having some good light near your grill, so you can cook even after dark.  Grill lights come in a number of styles and don’t have to be big bulky things that you have to lug around just to use.  Most grill lights come […]

Outdoor garden lighting tends to be something that people often overlook when it comes to gardening and designing their garden decor, but without some well placed garden lighting, homeowners cannot thoroughly enjoy their garden the way it should be enjoyed.  Most people do not initially realize that lighting outdoors would make their garden better, or […]