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A lawn scarifier is a piece of lawn and garden equipment designed to remove thatch, moss and other debris from a lawn.  While most people haven’t heard of a lawn scarifier in the U.S., lawn scarifiers are better known in other parts of the world, such as the UK.  Lawn scarifiers operate in a similar […]

A garden tool rack is the perfect storage accessory to store all of your garden tools.  This is a useful storage solution if you are an avid gardener, or even if you are just a homeowner with a small piece of property to take care of, since either way you inevitably have at least a […]

When it comes to buying a hedge trimmer to keep your landscaping looking neat and tidy, you have two basic choices – a petrol hedge trimmer (also known as a gas hedge trimmer) and an electric model.  While both have their advantages and disadvantages, a petrol hedge trimmer will provide you with more functionality than […]

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Rotovators are excellent tools for people looking to create beautiful, enduring gardens. They are a form of motorised cultivator which churns up soil using tines. This serves to aerate the soil and create a smooth bed that is perfect for planting. If you are looking to create a new garden or lay down a bed […]

A leaf sweeper is one of the best pieces of garden equipment you can invest in to help achieve a beautiful lawn. It keeps your yard from getting buried under last season’s fallen debris or summer’s grass trimmings. Keeping your lawn’s appearance manicured and professionally maintained is effortless with the help of leaf sweepers. The […]

Regularly using a dethatching rake to remove excessive thatch build-up will keep your lawn green and healthy. Thatch is a collection of lawn debris, like fallen leaves, moss and grass clippings, that collect together as they decompose in the grass.  Some thatch is good for the lawn, but too much creates a barrier that can […]

As spring turns into summer, homeowners the world over are pulling their lawnmowers out of the garage or shed.  If you are like most people, you just park your ride on lawnmower late in the fall and don’t think about it until you need it again in the spring.  While this works out fine for […]

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The shovel is the main tool in your garden shed.  All shovels make holes in the dirt, but there are several things that should be considered before you purchase one.  Although there are specialty varieties available, you will want to start with a basic, well-made garden shovel.  As you gain gardening experience, you may find […]

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If you happen to be in the commercial lawn care or landscaping business, there are a few tools that will be absolutely necessary for you to own.  There are also those tools that will not be completely necessary.  However, they are the kind of tools that will make your job a great deal easier and […]

There’s a lot more to using a pressure washer than just turning it on and blasting all the dirt away.  Most people may not realize that there are really three different elements working to create an effective pressure washing process.  The three elements are water (which includes temperature), pressure, and chemicals or detergents. Water pressure […]

A vacuum cleaner is an indispensable device for cleaning the home.  Modern technology has led to the manufacture of sleek and handy vacuums for regular use for interior home cleaning, keeping carpets and other types of floors free from dirt with relatively minimal effort.  Leaf vacuums are a new revolution that can now help homeowners […]

There is a saying that goes “when you use a used material, you will inherit the problems of the owner of that old material…”  So, is buying a used chainsaw a good practice?  This is a question that is often asked when planning to buy a used product, and especially a tool like a chainsaw.   […]

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Everyone should have at least one automotive floor jack in their garage.  Even if you don’t work on cars very often, sooner or later it’ll come in handy.  For example, you might need to change a tire or even swap on a set of winter tires, and it’s much easier to do with a real […]

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Scaffold towers are now a fairly common sight and are often used in exterior home improvement projects, but they never used to be in the past and there was a good reason for this – scaffolding was something that only people with years of experience and training could safely erect, so they weren’t for the […]

Aerators for lawns work in slightly different ways, but each kind improves the lawn by creating holes in the soil that allow roots to grow deeper and stronger with better nutrient and water flow through the dirt.  A coring aerator for lawns does the best job since it removes dirt from the ground in the […]

As a homeowner, you are required (or at least expected) to keep your lawn neat, trim and similar to the other homes in your neighborhood.  Unless you are paying someone else to do this, a lawn mower is an essential piece of equipment.  That being said, there are many options to consider when choosing a […]

When you think of carpentry tools, such as hammers, saws, and levels, you most often probably think of doing work around the inside of the house or puttering around a basement or garage workshop. But carpentry tools have a big place in outdoor projects and everyday outdoor maintenance as well, just like garden tools, and […]

Garden tools can be expensive, but it’s really not easy to garden without the proper tools.  While you may be tempted to purchase cheap tools, take it from someone who has tried that, you will be money ahead if you purchase quality gardening tools instead.  Cheap tools are often frustrating to use and will not […]

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Are you tired of the piles of garden tools that are strewn around your garage, shed or garden building?  Do you find it hard to find what you need when you’re doing some gardening?  Then get a few garden tool racks (or even just one!) to organize your tools and you’ll always know where your […]

If you want to keep the outside of your home and your yard looking nice, you need to make sure that you are regularly cleaning your gutter system.  Clogged gutters cannot only make your house look bad, but they can contribute to destroying your yard.  Gutters are designed to carry rain and melt water off […]