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A square trampoline is a great way to have some backyard fun, while also getting great exercise.  Square trampolines are less common than round trampolines, but there are some benefits to buying a square trampoline over a round one in certain cases.  Whether you have a round or a square trampoline, however, you can be […]

The feeling of flying through the air is one like none other.  That is why so many children enjoy jumping on trampolines.  12ft trampolines are becoming more and more popular purchases to be placed in residential backyards.  They are usually relatively inexpensive and offer hours upon hours of fun times and enjoyment to whomever is […]

Trampolining is not only a great form of exercise, it also provides entertainment while enjoying the outdoors, and most importantly is simply lots of fun. Aside from offering health and recreational benefits, it can also have competitive value as well for those engaged in sports requiring jumping, twisting, and flexibility. A trampoline consists of a […]

Outdoor wooden playhouses are every child’s dream.  Back in your childhood days, you might have found yourself wishing for such a sanctuary – a secret place that you could call your own.  If you had an outdoor wooden playhouse, you probably remember that the day your father (or mother!) succeeded in building your fortress was […]

Remember when you were a kid and going to the playground was the high point of your day?  In elementary school when you lived for recess?  We would dash out the door, everyone racing to be the first one to the playsets. Remember jumping in the swing, pushing higher and higher, feeling the wind in […]

If you are in the market for a new trampoline for some backyard fun, you may be wondering what type of trampoline you should get.  There are a number of brands on the market – you can get a Parkside trampoline, or there are many other options, such as a Leisure Kingdom trampoline, an AirMaster […]

When it comes to backyard fun, almost nothing provides more fun in such a compact space than a trampoline.  If you’re really short on space, an 8ft trampoline is the perfect solution because it offers all of the benefits of a larger trampoline in a more compact size.  The only main drawback to 8ft trampolines […]

There is nothing like a water slide in your backyard to add tons of fun on a hot summer day.  Whether you have a pool or not, water slides can provide hours of recreation for the young and young at heart without the need to run to your nearest waterpark.  A backyard water slide can […]

There is nothing like a swimming pool to add fun to family time in your backyard, and pool toys certainly add to that fun.  But you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy pool toys, because once you jump into the cool blue water of a swimming pool, everyone feels like a kid at […]