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Your garden is your haven, but maybe you’ve decided it’s missing that all important staple of a British garden – the shed or a similar type garden building.  So, how exactly do you go about getting a shed in your garden?  Most garden sheds and garden buildings that are positioned on the land around your […]

The British weather being what it is makes it incredibly hard to plan those outdoor DIY jobs. So if you can’t plan, you need to be prepared, and the best way to be prepared is to boast a well-stocked garden shed. Your garden shed isn’t just the place to store your lawn mower and shears. […]

Although the recent rainy weather could lead you to believe otherwise, summer is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time of year to get on with some DIY and home and garden improvements. If you’ve been putting off building that garden shed because you couldn’t be bothered to lay solid foundations, now is […]

One of the best ways to store your bike at home is by using a bike storage shed.  A bike storage shed can provide the protection needed to keep your bike in tip-top condition while also freeing up much needed space within the garage.  Another benefit to bike storage sheds is that they can provide […]

For those looking to maximize their living space and make the most of enjoying the outdoors from within, a lean to conservatory can be the answer.  Lean to conservatories are named as such because they in essence “lean” against the side of the house.  The style of these structures was initially derived from greenhouses that […]

With summer fast approaching, many of us turn to the outdoors, spending lots more time in our backyards and gardens.  The main reason we spend time in the garden is to do the necessary work to beautify it, while also providing a relaxing and calming place to spend time with friends and family as we […]

Portable greenhouses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they can be built with many different materials.  Before you select what kind of portable greenhouse you want to build for yourself or buy, you may want to consider the pros and cons of your available options.  Below we discuss some of the different […]

A wooden shed is a great place to store and organize tools and supplies, while also blending in well with its exterior surroundings.  That is why this is one of the types of garden buildings that is most popular with homeowners who have a passion for gardening.  The great thing about a wooden shed is […]

Many people today own metal sheds or some type of garden shed at home.  These sheds are a great option for extra storage and can help to control clutter in the home and store outdoor tools and accesssories.  However, a metal shed should not be used as a dumping place for all of your junk […]

Are you looking for a little extra storage space outdoors?  Are you trying to figure out what would be the perfect shed to meet all of your storage needs?  Then, check out a vinyl storage shed and the benefits it can offer. Surely you want the storage shed you choose to keep all of your […]

With a floor area averaging around 6’ x 3’, most bicycle storage sheds are suitable for getting more than just one bike in them.  For this reason, if you own multiple bikes or if you have a family that enjoys cycling and you have bikes of all different sizes, a dedicated bike shed may well […]

Are you tired of the piles of garden tools that are strewn around your garage, shed or garden building?  Do you find it hard to find what you need when you’re doing some gardening?  Then get a few garden tool racks (or even just one!) to organize your tools and you’ll always know where your […]

The word “garden building” is somewhat unfamiliar to those in the U.S. and is more often used in Europe, but despite the rarer use of the term within the states, garden buildings are very often sold, purchased and utilized by American consumers. Garden buildings basically refer to any type of portable building or structure that […]