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If you are looking for a way to beautify your backyard or garden, you may want to consider Bradstone paving products. Bradstone offers a wide selection of products that can be used to construct beautiful and eye-catching driveways, walkways, patios and gardens. You can install Bradstone paving products yourself by purchasing them from an authorized […]

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to spruce up your backyard or garden, installing some cheap paving slabs on your own may be just the way to go. If you can find some cheap paving slabs for sale, you can easily turn an open area into an interesting patio or sitting area, or you […]

When it comes to lighting up your home at night, almost nothing is as easy to do as installing solar walkway lights around the walkways and paths outside your home.  Not only are solar walkway lights easy to install, but they can add an inviting glow to your outdoor décor, while also increasing the safety […]

One way to make your home safer while also increasing its aesthetic appeal is to install outdoor walkway lighting.  Installing outdoor walkway lighting is relatively easy to do and the options available for outdoor walkway lights can suit any style of home and come in virtually any type of lighting source. If you’re looking to […]

Outdoor solar lights are a classy, creative and most of all, energy-saving means of providing light to dark outdoor areas.  Such devices eliminate the need for additional wiring, and there is no worry about constantly replacing batteries.  There are so many options using this technology, that a solar lighting model or style can be found […]

Solar lighting is an excellent way to save money and to create an attractive display of light for your outdoor areas.  Solar lights are ideal around gardens and covered patio spaces, as well as other exterior locations, coming in a wide variety of designs and sizes that are sure to find a use no matter […]

Lights outside the front of homes used to be a very expensive affair, and an elaborate outside lighting setup was really reserved for those people that were in high paid jobs and had some cash to spare.  However, with recent advances in technology, it is now possible to light the front of your home for […]

Creating a nicely lit outdoor area can make the space feel calm, and can also help to give a cozy feel to your outdoor space.  Creating an ambiance can make a difference in how it feels to sit outdoors, whether it be on a patio, porch or in a backyard garden area. There are many […]

Travertine pavers are the perfect solution for a walkway that needs good footing (especially if it rains a lot where you live), while also offering the benefit of having an interesting pattern, color, and overall appearance.  Of course, you can just lay out some of those boring, grey concrete pavers that look like leftovers from […]

Solar lights come in many shapes and sizes.   If you have been trying to find ways to enjoy your outdoor area, then you have either already come across solar lighting, or you need to become educated on the many benefits that these types of lighting systems provide.  For instance, you can use them in […]

One of the easiest ways to add to the exterior décor of your home is by adding yard lighting.  Outdoor yard lighting consists of any type of lighting that you would put in your yard, whether it is the front yard, backyard, or side yards and it includes such lighting as walkway lighting, driveway lighting, […]

When it comes to lighting up the areas around the outside of your home, there are many options – from dangling lantern lights to obscure driveway lights, and from bright security lighting to more gentle garden lighting and more.  But no lighting option makes more of an impact on the exterior décor of your home […]

A safe and easy way to light a pathway through your yard or to light any particular spot in your yard is with the use of a solar light.  They can be placed just about anywhere that there is available sunlight and they can be easily moved if they are not in the exact spot […]

By far, the best way to add landscape lighting to your yard is by utilizing and purchasing landscape lighting kits.  Why is this?  The reason is really easy to understand, as you usually can get a better deal if you buy things in bulk as opposed to buying things separately.  A landscape lighting kit comes […]

Thinking of buying a snow pusher?  Well, that is really a great idea, as it not only minimizes the amount of effort you need to put in to cleaning up your sidewalks and driveways after the snow falls, but it is also environmentally friendly because it does not run on fuel or electricity.  What’s more, there […]

Are you getting tired of the strain a snow shovel puts on your back?  Then consider splurging on a new or used John Deere snowblower and rest easy knowing that the next time the snow falls, you will not be left with an aching back.  There are, of course, many types of snowblowers you can […]

Solar lights provide many benefits to homeowners.  The combination of solar power and outdoor lighting comes together perfectly to create an environmentally friendly and cost effective way to light your home at night by harnessing the power of the energy created during the day.  Outdoor solar lights can be used in many locations around the […]

Travertine is a beautiful and natural stone that is often used indoors on floors, backsplashes and even walls in the bathroom and kitchen.  Travertine tiles can also be used outdoors on patios, outdoor kitchens, stone fireplaces, walkways, inground pool surrounds and as exterior home siding, and they provide a natural feel to any space.  Using […]

When it comes to choosing a garden planter for your outdoor plants and flowers, you have many options.   Whether your planting requirements are large or small, or temporary or permanent, the type of outdoor garden planters you select can enhance your garden décor and help to develop the design or style of your outdoor space. […]

If you are looking for a sure-fire way to light up your home’s exterior, then outdoor flood lights are the perfect solution.  Outdoor flood lighting can be used on driveways, backyards, front yards and walkways to add safety and security or even to add a bit of drama to your exterior home décor.  You can […]