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Many of the garden decor options available at big-box stores fit the same design aesthetic – a lot of wrought iron, brick, painted wood and bright florals. An outdoor space for your home should really be an extension of your indoor living space, and if your indoor design tastes don’t match the limited items available at […]

All homes, big or small, benefit from some outdoor space.  But if you only have a small patch of grass or a walled concrete space just big enough to park your car, don’t despair.  With some clever ideas you can turn even the smallest area of outdoor space into a relaxing retreat in which to […]

A pond is a beautiful addition to your garden.  Whether you want a koi pond or an aquatic garden with lilies, there is a pond for every mood.  Many instructional sites online will help you build a pond from scratch and there are also many prefabricated ponds for sale at gardening stores.  One of the […]

If you are looking for a truly unique and interesting feature for your backyard or garden space, then look no further than a garden pond.  Garden ponds can be built in all shapes and sizes and can contain all types of interesting water features – or you can simply create a small garden pond that […]