Garden Hose Storage Containers

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When it comes to garden hose storage, you have a number of different options.  Why is garden hose storage something homeowners should even think about?  There are a number of reasons.  For one, you want to make sure that your garden hose remains in good shape and is free from kinks and bends when you need to use it.  Keeping your hoses safely stored will also keep them from being run over by the lawnmower or gnawed at by animals.  Haphazardly strewn garden hoses can also be tripping hazards.  Finally, investing in an outdoor garden hose storage holder is worthwhile because it can provide a place to keep your hose out of sight when not in use.  This means that your otherwise attractive landscaping will not be marred by a stream of garden hoses strewn around throughout the yard.

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Best Garden Hose Storage Options

As mentioned, there are a number of different options for storing garden hoses.  Which one you choose will depend on how much you want to hide your hoses when not in use, how accessible you want your hoses to be, how long your garden hoses are, and how much you are willing to spend on gardening hose storage.  Here are some of the best storage options for garden hoses:

  • Garden hose storage pot – These are a great way to conceal the look of garden hoses.  The hose is coiled up inside what looks like a garden pot or planter and there is an opening that you can pull the hose through when you need to use it.  This is the best garden hose storage container to choose if you want to make your hoses as “invisible” as possible.
  • Garden hose storage reel – One of the most popular methods for storing garden hoses is with the use of garden hose storage reels.  These consist of a reel, or wheel, upon which the hose is wrapped around.  At one end, the garden hose is attached to the water source and the other end provides a way to unreel the hose to its full length when needed.  For those that don’t want to see the hoses when not in use, a garden hose storage reel hideaway is the answer.  This takes the traditional hose storage reel and houses it in a box with a cover so that the hoses are hidden from view when not in use.  Most garden hose reel hideaways have a lever on the outside of the box that you can use to rewind the garden hoses when you are done with them.  There are some garden hose storage reels that also come with an auto-rewind mechanism.
  • Garden hose storage hanger – If you’re looking for an inexpensive and simple way to store garden hoses, a storage hanger may be just what you need.  Garden hose storage hangers can be as simple as a set of hooks (usually one or two) that are attached to a vertical surface and can be used to hold a reel of garden hose.  If you want a more elaborate storage hanger, you can find options that also include storage containers for housing other garden-related objects upon which the hangers are attached.
  • Garden hose storage box – Similar to a storage pot, garden hose storage boxes are made to draw attention away from a mess of hoses sitting on the ground.  Instead, the hoses can be housed inside a box, made from anything from wood to resin, with or without a reel inside, to keep the hoses tidy.  All that’s needed is a hole in the box through which the hose can be pulled when it is needed.
  • Garden hose covers – If you prefer not to house your hoses within a container such as a garden pot, box or reel hideaway, but you don’t want to have to look at your hoses sitting on the ground and detracting from your landscaping, you can buy covers to put over your garden hoses.  These will make the location of your hoses less obvious.

You can buy garden hose storage containers that come with hoses included or you can purchase the storage container separately if you already have hoses.  Prices for garden hose storage options will vary widely, depending on the style chosen.  You can pay as little as a few dollars for a basic garden hose storage hanger to $100 – $150 or more for a reel hideaway with garden hoses included.  The cost of garden hose storage will depend a lot on what you are looking to buy. 

If you want a free or cheap garden hose storage option, consider making your own.  Take any attractive looking garden pot or box that can be used outdoors (such as a deck box) that is large enough to house the amount of gardening hose that you own.   If possible, make two holes in the container – one for one end of the hose to come out of so it can be attached to the water source and another for the usable end of the hose to be drawn out.   If you can’t make a hole in the particular vessel you want to use to make your own garden hose storage container, you can simply keep the hoses stored inside and pull them out of the top opening (such as the top opening of the pot or the top of the box) when you need to use them.  This is a great way to keep your garden hoses out of sight, without having to spend any additional money.

If you do opt to buy a garden hose storage pot, box, reel or hanger, there are many places from which you can purchase them.  You can find some options just about any place that you would buy garden hoses or other garden-related items, such as home improvement stores, garden centers or big box stores.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for or are looking to compare prices, you can buy garden hose storage containers online from places like Amazon, as well as retailers specializing in products for use in backyards and gardens.

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