Ideas for Patio and Backyard Access

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Tips and thoughts on how to build a link between your home and garden…

For many homeowners and renters, a major part of a dream house is the garden. Having a beautiful and well-tended outdoor space to relax in, entertain, let the kids run around, or have visitors, is a real luxury and something which city dwellers in particular covet very highly.

Today we’re going to take a look at some useful hints for improving your garden, and integrating a garden or backyard into the design of the house. From adding bi folding doors to the back of your home (you can pick these up from a reputable supplier such as Todd Doors), to transforming a wild and scrubby garden using wooden decking, here is a rundown of some of the interior and garden design world’s top tips.

Treehouses and height

A great way to add a bit of activity to your garden, especially if you have kids but not the hugest amount of space, is to work with height. A tree house or higher deck for playing is one sure-fire way to give kids a safe and fun place to play. Similarly, one high and short piece of decking coming off the main house, with staggered steps to a lower garden or patio, can also create a greater sense of space.

Wood decking

Wood decking is particularly effective for slightly overgrown gardens and even better for city living and narrow gardens. Able to add both height (as above) and a sense of nature and the outdoors, they can create a sense of wildlife and the jungle in an urban context.

Using wood decking as a platform to cut through a long, thin, city garden is a great way to make use of an abandoned space, giving kids somewhere to ride a bike, and adults a place for breakfasts and dinners. They make an excellent alternative to patios in narrower and more built up areas – and can be more sustainable in terms of materials used.

Paving and patios

Paving and patios are very popular with homeowners looking to create a sense of neatness and structure. The cut of the stone, and its contrast with the grass, means that it creates a very clear picture. This is also a great material to go for in wetter climates, as wood can become slippery quite easily. Paving around the edge of a house or backyard is great for access too – more friendly on guests and easy to navigate, creating clear paths to walk on.

Home extensions and doors

The final consideration is having a patio or conservatory complex, which usually involves an extension or remodelling of the home. Converting the backward-facing room into an airy living room or conservatory, with bi-folding doors which will fold out onto the patio and garden, is one of the most popular ways to create an easy blend between home and garden. Save money by taking care of the paving yourself – but trust the experts to handle the doors and fittings.

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