Useful Things To Keep In Your Garden Shed

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The British weather being what it is makes it incredibly hard to plan those outdoor DIY jobs. So if you can’t plan, you need to be prepared, and the best way to be prepared is to boast a well-stocked garden shed.

Your garden shed isn’t just the place to store your lawn mower and shears. It can double as a tool, equipment and materials lock up, giving you plenty of storage space to accrue all the things you’ll need to cover those spur of the moment DIY jobs. Wondering what you should keep in your garden shed in case you need to tackle an impromptu DIY job?  Here are some of our top picks for garden shed essentials.

Ready mix mortar

Mortar is used for all sorts of things, from rendering to bricklaying. Without it, you cannot affix objects together. If you need to repair your garden wall or patch up some rendering before the winter hits, ready mix mortar is just the thing you should have ready and waiting in your garden shed. Wickes has several ready mix mortar products, some of which are designed for specific purposes, such as Ready Mixed Brick Laying Mortar and Render Repair Mortar. However, for the greatest versatility, we suggest Wickes’ Quality Assured Mortar, a general-purpose mortar product.

Ready mix cement

Like mortar, cement can be utilised for a wide variety of jobs, from laying a patio to building a structure. Therefore, it makes sense to have a decent amount of the stuff stored in your garden shed for a sunny day. There are different mixes of cement, some are created for strength while others are designed to dry quickly, but to get the most for your money, we advise multi-purpose cement. Remember to keep cement and mortar away from water when storing it, or else you’ll be stuck with a large chunk of unusable product.

Timber and sheet materials

MDF, plywood and chipboard come in pretty handy for fixing and patching up structures and the exterior of your property after storm damage. Don’t go for the cheapest stuff however; get something that will withstand the test of time, as it may be in your shed for a while. Wickes chipboard, for example, is of a grade that is a cut above the rest, offering improved strength compared to other chipboard products bought elsewhere.


Courtesy of Ell Brown

These are just a few of the products that are useful to keep in your garden shed in case you ever need to tackle a spur of the minute repair or you are faced with damage from a storm.  Of course, there are many other items that you can also keep in a garden shed that will be useful for these purposes as well.  The types of garden essentials, tools, materials and such that you choose to store in your garden shed will vary depending on the type of yard or house you own, the level of your ability to fix things on your own, and of course, the size of your garden shed.  Obviously, if you have a small shed, you will only be able to store a few things, but if your garden shed is larger, you’ll have more room to keep as much stuff as you want.

If you want to overhaul your garden, check out the BBC’s garden design website for more information and ideas.



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